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Entrepreneurship Series

**When you’re with your family, do you feel something is missing? Could you do better, be better for your closest? You can do and feel better.**

6 Weeks / Starting at $749

Leadership Series

**The talk that might change the way you think about the gratitude for yourself and others that will lead you to a genuine and comfortable communication style.**

12 Weeks / Starting at $1,495

Intentional Success!

Calling all #goalgetters!! Join us for six weeks of Skill Building, Coaching, Mentoring and Networking as you apply the L.E.A.R.N Success Model to crush your personal and professional goals!
This is the same model that Deana has used to deliver consistent results for herself and her clients, so don’t miss the opportunity to move from Aspirational Thinking to Intentional Success!!

6 Weeks / Starting at $799

Cultivated Courses

We provide a personalized learning experience.

Hi! I’m Deana. I’ve spent the better part of my career mastering the roles of both sales and leadership, with successful frontline and leadership experience at several fast-growing companies including Kaplan, Edmentum, Flocabulary and Nearpod.

In my professional life, I’m becoming more intentional in building up a new generation of confident salespeople and leaders. I’ve made my services more accessible to all sales reps regardless of their company’s size or rank in the industry, and now I’m here to help you.

If you’re ready to create more accountability around improving your sales force and transforming leadership within your company, I’d love for us to team up.


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